Create a document for professional use using a word processor document (ex. a newsletter, a form letter, a permission form)
Printout of a WP document

Word 2003 (Dell)
Word 2004 (Mac)
Appleworks Word Processing

Create a database to generate a file for professional use (ex. a staff list, student information list, materials inventory, database lesson) Printout of your database

Filemaker (Mac)
Filemaker Dell
AW Databases

Create a spreadsheet to generate a report for professional use (ex. budget, test data, summary of staff development points earned) Printout of your spreadsheet

AW Spreadsheet

Apply specific strategies (Boolean, subject) to access specific information from the Internet Include a printout of the search engine or directory page showing the strategies and two examples of information retrieved. Click here for an example of what you should print for your TSIP's folder.


Retrieve information from the Internet for instructional/professional use. Include a printout of this information. Print a copy of any resource you find from the Internet.
Retrieve and save information from the Local Area Network (LAN). (ex: item downloaded from specialist folder, school VOL 1 share folder, your personal folder, virtual share.) Include a printout of this information. This could be anything that you download from your specialist's folder, your Vol 1 share folder, your personal folder, or virtues. Print anything you have retrieved from your personal folder, your school Vol 1, or virtualshare.
Use email regularly to communicate with faculty and staff. Include a printout of an email to and a response from your department or grade level chairperson. Using OSX Mail
Using Outlook
Attach a document or file to an email message and send. Include a printout of the email and the attachment. Instructions for how to print sent email.
Evaluate the usefulness, appropriateness, and authenticity of information retrieved from two Internet sites using the division's resource evaluation form. Include a copy of both evaluation forms.
Word Evaluation Form
AW Evaluation Form

Evaluating Websites


Evaluate two instructional software/media programs using the division's resource evaluation form. Include a copy of both evaluation forms.
Word Evaluation Form
AW Evaluation Form
You may evaluate new software or software on your Dell or iBook as well as textbook CD ROMS.
Design and implement a minimum if four SOL focused lesson plans that use a total of five different technology applications to enhance student-centered learning. Technology applications include, but are not limited to: an interactive website, WebQuests, Cyberhunts, Teleconferencing, instructional laser videodiscs, instructional videotapes, [pictures taken with a digital camera, iMovies, scanned images, graphing calculator, calculator, probeware, CD-ROM, DVD, and/or content-specific instructional software. Include a dated copy of each lesson plan with content and technology SOL's listed and one or more examples of student work for each lesson. Include an observation form signed by your immediate supervisor for one of the lessons.
Word Lesson Plan Form
AW Lesson Plan Form

Please remember that you need to include the following items for this TSIP:

1. 4 completed lesson plan forms
2. Sample student lessons for each lesson plan
3. Observation form for one lesson signed by your administrator

Attend a division-sponsored copyright and professional ethics workshop.

Demonstrate an understanding of the division's policies, procedures, and guidelines by completing an assessment at the end of the workshop. Include this assessment in your portfolio. This is all done on-line. Go to this site:

Copyright On Line

You will receive an assessment form from the media specialist teaching the workshop. Please see your media specialist for help.