The Henrico County Public School’s 2008-2009 Pilot Professional Growth and Evaluation Plan for teachers is built on the foundation of the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities and a belief in the power of reflective practice.

There is an expectation that all teachers will meet or exceed the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities (PQR).  There is also an expectation that teachers will model life-long learning and the principles of continuous improvement.  A teacher's focus of work is in the classroom with students.  To ensure strong student learning ,teachers must be supported in their efforts to:

  • Create an inviting learning environment,
  • Build relationships with students and parents around learning,
  • Plan and implement engaging learning activities, and
  • Work with students to continually assess their learning.

One important way to provide support is through classroom observations focused on specific areas of the PQR identified by the teacher. Creating opportunities for teachers to receive feedback about their classroom practice in relation to the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities and supporting their continuous growth is a primary role of the supervisor.  In the ideal model, the supervisor acts as a facilitator of the teacher’s reflection on their own classroom practice and helps them clarify next steps for enhancing teaching and learning.  

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