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Directions for Employees

  1. Where appropriate, review job performance data associated with your specific division/department responsibilities to determine strengths and areas for growth. For example, an ITRT may consider the average number of time spent co-teaching in classrooms. A school counselor may consider   analyzing the school counseling program, and a library information specialist may inventory and analyze his/her collections of books and other reading resources in multiple formats.  Employees should be prepared to discuss this at your planning conference.
  2. Review the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities (PQR) by completing the self- assessment and considering any indicators that may be associated with the area of growth identified in your data.
  3. Select a PQR area(s) of focus based on your review of data and the PQR  self-assessment.  This will be your focus for the professional growth series.
  4. List the PQR section you wish to be the focus on the Professional Growth Series Planning Form.  Write a short description of why you chose it and what you hope to accomplish through this focused work and feedback.
  5. Complete a draft of the action plan on the Planning Form for discussion with your supervisor.  If the selected PQR is one that should be observed by a supervisor, be sure to record this as part of the Action Plan.   In these cases, observation reports may be attached to the Action Plan Report.   For example, if an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher selects PQR D5, “Provides opportunities for learners to use a variety of sources to organize, analyze, locate, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media to support their learning and construct new knowledge,” his/her supervisor should observe the ITRT engaged in delivering instruction in order to collect data around how often the he/she is providing opportunities for learners to utilize a variety of sources and media to support the learning process.
  6. Bring the completed Professional Growth Series Planning Form to your planning conference. You should be prepared to conference with your supervisor about your focus (by specific data).

Directions for Supervisors

  1. Verify that the PQR has been reviewed, signed and submitted to you.
  2. Discuss with the employee any data associated with their responsibilities.
  3. Based on this discussion, review the professional growth series planning form to determine if additional areas of focus are necessary.
  4. Determine if there are additional areas you would like to see as a focus.  Be sure to keep this to a reasonable number.
  5. Add any additional areas to the supervisor section. Work with the employee to update the action plan.
  6. Be certain to have the employee sign and date the form.