The Henrico County Public School’s Professional Growth and Evaluation Plan for employees is built on the foundation of the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities and a belief in the power of reflective practice.

There is an expectation that all employees will meet or exceed the Professional
Qualities and Responsibilities (PQR). There is also an expectation that employees will model life-long learning and the principles of continuous improvement.

One effective practice toward continuous improvement is through analysis of outcome data specific to the employee’s area of responsibility and a focus on specific PQR(s) associated with the outcome data. Creating opportunities for employees to look at performance data and receive feedback about his/her practice in relation to the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities is an important role of the supervisor.  In the ideal model, the supervisor acts as a facilitator of the employee’s reflection on their own practice and helps them clarify next steps and create an action plan for enhancing their skills.  As can be seen in the Trajectory of Supervision graphic below, operating at the upper end of the trajectory is the desired mode of supervision in HCPS.   This process sets an expectation of professional growth for all employees.