All Support Personnel (Temporary and Non-Exempt Employees) should be formally evaluated once per year (see the attached for a list of Non-Exempt Employees). The attached Performance Responsibilities Document for Support Personnel - Form A- should be completed by December 30th.

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The support staff member's immediate supervisor should complete the evaluation and hold a face to face conference with the employee (ex- Maintenance Supervisors may complete evaluations for Maintenance Helpers, Media Specialists may complete the evaluations for clerical assistants in the library, Exceptional Education teachers may complete the evaluations for instructional assistants who work directly with them, etc.). In these cases, the principal or other supervising administrator, is required to sign off on the evaluation forms and be aware of the performance of support personnel in the building/department (and maintain copies of the evaluation forms).

Face to face meetings with the supervising administrator, are required for any support personnel who receive any rating of "Needs Improvement" on Form A. In these cases, completion of a "Form B" is required. If concerns continue after a Form B is completed, a structured growth plan may be necessary.

During the 2009-2010 school year, a representative committee of support personnel will be assembled for the purpose of collecting feedback on the current evaluation process and forms. Comments and recommendations will be presented to the Leadership Team and Superintendent in the Summer of 2010.