The Henrico County Public School’s Professional Growth and Evaluation Plan for administrators is built on the foundation of the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities and a belief in the power of reflective practice. Administrators are expected to model life-long learning and the principles of continuous improvement.  To that end, administrators will participate in the professional growth series as part of the Professional Growth and Evaluation Process. 

Administrators will participate in the professional growth series at least every other year.  The supervisor may request that an employee participate in the professional growth series at any time.  Probationary administrators
(those in the first three years of service) will be on professional growth series every year.

As part of the professional growth series, the administrator will:

    • Review outcome data related to his/her specific job performance. The employee and supervisor will determine the most appropriate data points to use in this process.
    • Complete a self-evaluation of performance on the PQR specific to the job.
    • Identify an area for growth based on the above information.
    • Document the identified area/PQR on the Professional Growth Planning Form by September 30.  Included in the Planning form is a Plan of Action that should outline the activities/action steps proposed, evidence to be gathered and a timeline specific to the implementation of the activities/action steps.
    • In addition to the planning meeting, the supervisor must meet with the employee at least one time during the year to provide implementation support.
    • At the end of the professional growth series, the employee completes an Action Plan Report form and reviews it with the supervisor (by March 1 for probationary employees and June 30th for non-probationary employees).