Professional Qualities & Responsibilities Evaluation Report

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Directions for use:

The Professional Qualities and Responsibilities (PQR) Evaluation Report form should be used throughout the year to document employees’ performance as part of the evaluation. It MUST be used for a Mid-year Evaluation and the Annual Evaluation report (at the end of the year).  Check the evaluation period at the top of the form.

The PQR Evaluation Report form can be used at other times throughout the year as needed.  Simply complete the report following the procedures below, check the “other” heading at the top of the form and add the actual date.

The PQR Evaluation Report has two global performance indicator statements:

   1. The employee HAS met or exceeded the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities.

   2. The employee HAS NOT met the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities.

Supervisors select one of the two indicators and complete the evaluation process accordingly.

Selecting, “The employee has met or exceeded the PQRs:
This indicator acknowledges when employees are generally meeting expectations outlined in the Professional Qualities and Responsibilities.  Job performance can always be enhanced.  However, areas for enhancement are addressed through the professional growth activities in the Professional Growth and Evaluation process. When using the PQR Evaluation Report form for this particular indicator:
   1. Check on the top of the form with regard to mid-year, annual evaluation, or “other” time of the year.
   2. Place a check or “X” next to this indicator: The employee has met or exceeded the PQR.
   3. Add a comment if you wish.
   4. Sign the document and send a copy to the employee for their signature.
   5. File the original signed copy at the work site.
   6. Send a verification form to the supervisor indicating that the process has been completed and forms for all employees are on file at the work site. 

Selecting, “The employee HAS NOT meet the PQRs”:
This indicator on the PQR Evaluation Report form is used anytime a supervisor expresses concerns to an employee about his/her performance (in relation to meeting a specific PQR) and improvement has not occurred.  This is the first step in formally documenting expectations for improvement in a specific PQR area(s).  Below are directions for using this indicator on the PQR Evaluation Report form:
   1. Supervisors should verbally express their concern to an employee about poor performance (specific to a PQR) and give him/her the opportunity to improve before formally documenting the performance using this indictor on the PQR Evaluation Report form.  The exception is in cases of severe problems with the PQR and is at the supervisor’s discretion.
   2. Check the date line at the top of the form indicating if it is a mid-year or annual evaluation.  If the PQR Evaluation Report Form is used at other times during the year, the supervisor should check “other” and put the date in the space provided.
   3. Check the indicator stating that the employee HAS NOT met the PQR.
   4. Clearly specify the PQR(s) not being met in the space provided
   5. Specifically describe how the employee’s is not meeting the PQR.
   6. Specify any previous interactions with the employee regarding his/her  performance with the PQR.
   7. Clearly state what the employee must do to meet the specific PQR.
   8. List resources available to the employee for support in meeting the PQR.
   9 List any attachments to the PQR Evaluation Report form.  These may include a Structured Growth or Intensive Support Plan, letter to the employee regarding this PQR, classroom observation reports pertinent to this matter, etc.
   10. The employee may choose to attach a written response to the PQR Evaluation Report form.  In this case, this should be an attachment and indicated as such on the attachment line.
  11. Hold a conference with the employee to review the PQR Evaluation Report form.  Sign and record (on the form) the date of the conference.  Also have the employee sign the form acknowledging receipt of the PQR Evaluation Report form and the conference.
  12. Provide a copy of the form to the employee and keep the original on file at the school.  Also submit the signed and dated copy of the form with all attachments to your Supervisor.