The Professional Growth Plan (PGP) process for licensed personnel in Henrico County Public Schools was designed to ensure continuous growth for teachers and quality education for all students. 

A steering committee has been formed to review the current PGP process for alignment to the school division Mission Statement and Core Beliefs adopted in August of 2007.  The committee will also examine the process to ensure it reflects current research in teaching and learning.  The steering committee consists of teachers and principals from across the county along with central office specialists and directors. 

This website has been designed to record the work of the committee and allow for Henrico faculty and staff to track the discussion and provide continuous input for committee consideration.  The website contains the following information:

1.Committee members and their Henrico email address

2.A copy of the Henrico Mission and Beliefs

3.The results of the teacher and supervisor surveys organized by core components of the PGP process.  All comments are also included in this section of the website for review.

4.Audio files of information provided to the committee members as a foundation for their work.

  1. 5. Documents being reviewed and used by the committee.

  2. 6. Final recommendations and input sessions

There is also a link to a blog that allows interested faculty and staff to provide comments and concerns that the committee should consider in doing their work.  The blog is divided into three sections:  Teacher and Supervisor Survey Comments for those wishing to provide additional comments after reviewing the survey results, and a general comment section for all other comments.

This website will be used throughout the process to ensure all ideas are heard and considered.

Using This Site