Response to Intervention

What is Response to Intervention?


Initiative Purpose:

While the majority of our students will learn well in the classroom, there will always be a number of students who need additional support. The Response to Intervention (RtI) process uses academic skills and behavior management data for the ongoing development of individual and group intervention programs.  As schools look at the types of interventions they have available to them to provide students with additional support, it must be acknowledged that “one size does not fit all.” School should have a “pyramid of interventions” with each intervention on the pyramid becoming more intensive.  When an intervention is provided for a student, careful attention must be paid to the student’s response to the intervention.  If one intervention does not work, an examination of the student’s needs must occur, as another level of intervention may be needed.  The RtI process requires schools to look at the individual needs of students and create interventions that work.

Initiative Description:

Schools will be asked to examine their use of the Response to Intervention model and request training if needed. 

Initiative Timeline:

Response to Intervention training is currently available.