Data Website for Training

DataQuest Website

Teachers Using Data Website

Initiative Purpose: 

The ongoing use of data for instructional decision-making is best practice for ensuring student learning.  It is important that school leaders and classroom teachers have a resource to help them understand how to best use these data.

Initiative Description:

The Department of Research and Planning has teamed up with the Department of Staff Development to create a great new resource: the Data Quest website.  This website has audio, video, and annotated examples of all the data forms that Research and Planning creates.  Administrators and teachers can use this web site to understand all these forms and explore the next steps to take after the data has been analyzed.

Each month new data tasks will be added to the website to ensure that data-driven decision-making becomes part of the day-to-day work of a school.

Initiative Timeline:

The Data Quest website is up and running and should be used by schools to guide their analysis of SOL and HAT data as they prepare their school improvement plans.   All principals and assistant principals were introduced to the website during sessions held over the summer of 2007.   Leaders are Learners sessions will be offered in the fall for specialists and new leaders. 

Each month throughout the year new data tasks will be added to the site.

June 2008:  The Data Quest site and its usefulness to schools will be evaluated and decisions made about future development and use.