Teacher Training on Creating Balanced Assessment Programs


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The Initiative Purpose:

Standardized testing, such as SOL/HATS tests and benchmark tests are only one type of assessment. A comprehensive look at how students are learning can only be gained by examining a combination of many different types of on-going classroom assessments.  These include teacher-made tests, informal learning inventories, student work samples, projects and many others.  Together with the standardized assessments these help teachers gain a clearer understanding of student learning.

The Initiative Description:

Trainers through the Department of Staff Development will be prepared to work with teams of teachers at school requesting assistance in creating a balanced assessment program.

Schools interested in this work should visit the Leaders are Learners course offerings or contact the Staff Development office.

Initiative Timeline:

  • August 2007- Staff development lead trainers begin their training
  • October 2007 – Leaders are Learners session is offered
  • January 2008- Lead trainers begin work with a small group of teachers to begin training.
  • June 2008- Trainers will be available for work with individual schools wishing to explore the concepts of Balanced Assessment.
  • June 2008- Balanced Assessment becomes a Professional Development Institute offering 
  • June 2009- Additional Trainers available to schools.