Student and Parent Relationship Building/ Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

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Initiative Purpose:

Relationships are the key to successful teaching and learning.  Students come to our schools with academic and social emotional needs.  Their needs vary greatly from student to student.  As educators, we must find a way to embrace the needs of the students and parents who we serve.  As our diversity as a community grows, this becomes more of a challenge.

Initiative Description:

This is a broad, philosophical initiative.  It will encompass several things, including other initiatives that are found under other themes in out instructional framework.  This broad initiative will include:

  1. Increased expectations that data be disaggregated to identify gaps in our school program in relation to student needs.
  2. A focus on recognizing and embracing the diverse needs of our students and their families and meeting those needs in our schools and classrooms
  3. Greater expectations for development of a pyramid of interventions for students struggling with learning.
  4. Greater expectations for collecting data on student response to intervention (RtI)
  5. Increased training and use of collaborative teaching models to provide an inclusive learning environment for all students.
  6. An expectation for differentiating instruction and assessment to meet the needs of learners.
  7. To focus attention on the social and emotional needs of students and provide them support through strong relationships with the adults in the school.

Initiative Timeline:

  • August 2007- Training is available for Collaborative Teaching
  • August 2007- Training is available in Response to Intervention
  • August 2007- Training is available for Differentiating Instruction

**Throughout the 2007-2008 school year and into the next school year, information will be gathered about how other schools are approaching meeting the needs of all students.