Focus on Mentoring

Mentoring in the 21st Century

New Teacher Santa Cruz Mentoring Model

Initiative Purpose:

Teacher retention has become a national issue.  In order to ensure student success in our instructional program it is imperative that we maintain a stable, highly skilled, teaching force.  

Initiative Description:

HCPS has augmented the new teacher-mentoring program by formalizing expectations for the monthly individual school new teacher meetings. In addition, the salary supplement for the mentor coordinator role has been increased to reflect the significance of this role and the increased responsibility they will carry for the monthly training sessions.

Additionally, a school mentor program rubric has been provided to each mentor coordinator and principal so that they may measure the quality of the current school support program and make adjustments as needed.

The Department of Staff Development has also re-organized staff responsibilities to be able to focus more attention on supporting the school mentor program.   In addition, the department is currently creating a website that will hold all mentoring information and resources.   Focus groups will be meeting throughout the year to ensure the fidelity of the program.  Quia surveys will be utilized for all groups (mentor coordinators, mentors, and new teachers) in order that the department may analyze feedback in a timely manner so that necessary changes can be made.  

Future plan include soliciting the support of the school board to provide a salary supplement for teachers who are asked to mentor new teachers.

Initiative Timeline: 

Improvements to the mentor program and increased mentor coordinator supplement will begin in September of 2007.

Evaluation of the program will be ongoing throughout the 2007-2008 school year with additional enhancements made in 2008.