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Initiative Purpose:

Research shows that strong school leadership is a key component to high levels of learning for students.  Opportunities need to be provided for our leaders to continue to develop their skills.

Initiative Description:

 Staff Development will continue and expand upon its training opportunities for school leaders. This includes sessions, seminars, and special events running throughout the school year and over the summer.   The County’s Leadership Advisory Council, consisting of representative leaders from across the county, provides a continuous vehicle for feedback so that changes and additions to the leadership development program might be provided.  Based on their recommendation, sessions for support leaders are differentiated from that of their instructional leader peers during Leadership Academy.   Programming is being planned to continue training for support leaders and teacher leaders.

Sample leadership offerings include:

Leaders are Learners: The Leaders are Learners series are 2-3 hour sessions that focus upon topics around the framework as well as those requested by leaders in HCPS.   A breakfast lecture series at the University of Richmond was added to enhance the Leaders are Learners offerings, and they will continue during the 2008-2009 year.  

Administrative Intern Support: A support program for administrative interns began during the 2006-2007 year.   Interns were able to create a plan around the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards and met throughout the year as a group with HCPS directors. This support continues.

Next Generation Leadership Academy: Another leadership opportunity is the Next Generation Leadership Academy (NGLA).  Generally, second-year assistant principals and interns participate in this yearlong partnership with the University of Richmond, Hanover, Chesterfield, and Richmond City leaders.   Topics around leadership are explored, and an opportunity to interact with HCPS leaders is included as well. 

Survival School for New Principals: “Survival School for New Principals” began during the 07-08 school year.  Designed around the Professional Responsibilities of Principals, this year long course involves face-to-face sessions with our superintendents and directors, as well as electronic communication.   New in 08-09 is individual coaching support for new principals.

Teacher leader opportunities:  Not only are teacher leaders eligible to participate in on-going institutes, but funding and support are provided for those included in the Master’s and Doctoral cohorts, as well as those pursuing their Technology Certificate.  Teacher leaders are also eligible for funding and support throughout the National Board Certification process.  Many HCPS teacher leaders, with the county’s support, have participated in Clinical Faculty training provided by local universities.  New in 08-09 is training for all department chairs and two modules for teacher leaders: communication and team building.