Instructional Coaching

FAQ about Instructional Coaching

Initiative Purpose: 

 This initiative will provide teachers with increased instructional support this year through the use of short-term instructional coaches.  The coaches will provide teachers with assistance in meeting professional development goals and adopting new strategies.  The focus population for the instructional coaches is teachers who may need short-term extra support to be successful in meeting the learning needs of students.

Initiative Description:

Fifteen part-time instructional coaches will be available for work with teachers in schools.  The coaches will be assigned based on requests for services from principals and specialists.  Once a request for a coach is made, a needs’ assessment will be completed to determine the type and duration of the service to be provided.  A work plan will be developed with measurable goals and a timeline for meeting the goals. 

Initiative Timeline:

Coaches will be trained and ready to take referrals by September 30, 2007.  This pilot program will be evaluated by the outcome measurement in the work plans.

For the 2008-2009 school year, this initiative will be continued, and approximately 15 additional coaches will be trained this summer. A total of 30 instructional coaches will be available to provide services to teachers across the county.