Clinical Supervision

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Initiative Purpose: 

In order to insure high quality instruction for successful student learning, we must support our teachers with a process of professional reflection on practice.  Clinical supervision will provide a standardized system across the county for engaging teachers in reflection and dialogue about teaching and learning.

Initiative Description:

As part of a professional growth process that strives to break away from check sheets and meaningless objectives, administrators will be trained in the clinical observation process.  This process is teacher-centered and data driven, helping teachers reflect on their own practice through an objective set of eyes. 

In addition to the clinical supervision process, principals will be trained in how to use walk-through protocols for two purposes: 

  1. To collect data about the current state of implementation of school and division instruction initiatives
  2. To provide additional formative feedback to teachers as a supplement to the formal clinical observations.

A suite of tools and indicators to use with although will be developed and software to support the clinical observation process and walk through protocols will be piloted.

Initiative Timeline:

  • August 2007- Expectations for observations of staff are detailed for all leaders
  • August- January 2007- All principals trained in the clinical supervision process
  • September 2007- Pilot with high school principals of the software to support the supervision model.
  • Summer 2008- Evaluate implementation and perceptions of the process
  • Summer 2008- Finalize plans for next steps in development of the clinical supervision and walk-through process.