Providing training and support to teachers on identified instructional strategies.

Initiative Purpose: 

There is a core of research-based best practices for instruction that have been proven effective in improving student learning.  We want to ensure that all teachers are skilled in using these strategies in their classrooms.  To this end, strategies and programs to be used in classrooms have been identified and we are beginning to develop workshops to support teacher learning.  

Initiative Description:

Content Specialists and the Instructional Leadership Team have identified the district-wide strategies to be included in this strand.  The Department of Staff Development will work to create workshop/course content for each and will continue to offer training through fall, winter, and summer institutes. In addition, the content for the workshops/course will be designed in such a way that it can be used by individual teachers as a self-paced learning experience, or by small study groups in individual schools. 

Please click the movie icon for an explanation of the study group process.

Initiative Timeline
Identification of the district-wide strategies is ongoing. Staff development has some workshop/course content available, and is continuing to build additional content.

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