Content Specific Strategy Training

While there are collections of research-based strategies that all teachers will be expected to practice, there are many that are unique to content areas.  These strategies will be identified by specialists and teacher leaders and then shared with others for consistent, high quality teaching across the district.  Examples include History Alive for secondary social studies teachers and blogs for secondary English teachers.  Staff development will consistently offer training in the identified content specific strategies.

Summer Institute
On May 5th @ 5 pm, registration opened for summer Staff Development Institute courses. Based on feedback from you, the newly designed website will allow teachers to search for summer course offerings by grade level and content area. The almost 200 classes are designed to provide an opportunity for teachers to learn new content and/or teaching strategies that will assist them in impacting the learning of all HCPS students. Content specialists used the Instructional Framework to guide the development of the courses offered. Specialists will also monitor course registrations to assure the validity of each registrant.

A "STUDY TEAM" approach, consisting of at least two or more teachers taking classes together, continues to be the focus for class attendance. This focus of two or more teachers attending classes together will help facilitate discussion, promote sharing, and assist with the implementation of new learning.

As was the case last year, a mandatory reflection session will allow teachers to reflect on their summer learning. Following the implementation of the newly acquired skill/content, the reflection time will allow teachers to share their use of the new concept and provide evidence of its impact on their instruction and the students' learning.

Video Catalog for Staff Development Summer Institute Classes