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All incoming teachers to Henrico County are trained using methodologies from the Fred Jones, “Tools for Teaching” classroom management program.   The program has three main components:  instruction, motivation, and discipline.  Room arrangement, rules, routines, and standards, visual instructional plans, “say, see, do” teaching, responsibility training, omission training, and dealing with typical classroom crises are examples of the strategies used.  All principals were trained during the summer of 2006, and provided with DVDs and books for use at the school level with individual and/or groups of teachers.

Win-Win Discipline is a classroom management program based on building blocks. The three pillars support the foundation of the program. The pillars are same-side, collaborative solutions and learned responsibility. The ultimate goal of the pillars is to lead the disruptive student to critical new learning. The student learns more responsible behaviors, so disruptions are less likely in the future. Win-Win Discipline categorizes disruptions as ABCD Disruptions: Aggression, Breaking the Rules, Confrontation and Disengagement and as Seven Positions: Attention-Seeking, Avoiding Failure, Angry, Control-Seeking, Energetic, Bored and Uninformed. The type of disruption as well as the position allows teachers to select specific strategies for the behaviors. The final building blocks of Win-Win Discipline are preventative procedures, moment-of-disruption strategies and follow-up strategies. Preventative strategies are maintained on an ongoing basis. Moment-of-disruption strategies are simple step-by-step proven response sequences that structure the interaction of the student with the teacher and/or curriculum. Follow-up strategies are meetings or chats with individual students or the whole class following a disruption or series of disruptions.

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