Teaching 21st Century Skills

TIPC- Technology Integration Progression Chart

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Nets*S for Students (new September 2007)

Nets*T for Teachers (refresh in progress- 2007-08 school year)

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21st Century Skills has become the new buzzword in education.  These skills, which put students on the path to success in the new, flat world, must be taught, just as mathematics or proper writing skills. In fact, the report from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills recommends that the identified 21st Century Skills be taught and practiced in conjunction with the core content skills, concepts and content.

The 21st century Skills include: critical thinking, creative problem solving, real-world application of learning, as well as communication and collaboration skills.  The skills also include an emphasis on life and career skills such as initiative, self-direction, productivity and accountability.  The foundation for these skills are the core subject content.  All the skills are applied through the use of information, media and technology skills.

Staff development has offerings to help schools understand the importance of 21st Century Skills and to explore how these skills may be incorporated into the school program.

In addition to the above, secondary schools began using the Technology Integration Progression Chart (TIPC) at the start of the 2006-2007 year so that individual teachers (and school staffs) could identify their current instructional practices and identify areas for growth toward the target indicators in the following areas: Overview of the Teaching and Learning Process, Organization of the Learning Space, Digital Organization, Use of Electronic Resources for Instruction, Use of Electronic Resources for Assessment, and Integrating Technology to Support Student-Centered Learning.  A similar chart is currently being created for use at the elementary level.  Staff development will continue offerings around the technology application of 21st Century Skills.