High School Report of 12th Graders who are “At Risk” Based on SOL Scores and credits

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Description of Report Contents

1.  Verified Credit Report
2.  Template for at Risk 12th graders
3.  High School­12th Graders at Risk

Available Levels:
Level 4-Students

Principals and Counselors

Verified credits earned for all current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, plus separate listings, by grade, of those students identified as ‘at risk’ per the following criteria:

  • 10th graders who have earned fewer than 5 course credits or 2 verified credits
  • 11th graders who have earned fewer than 10 course credits or 4 verified credits.
  • 12th graders who have no reading or writing SOL and/or fewer than 5 verified credits.

See the sample reports below.  These reports are now ready for ready for your staff to begin working with. Click here to download the forms (excel.) These forms will be a required data task for November.


verified credit

Sample High School- 12th Graders At Risk
Click here for report template

12th graders at risk