Summary of Methods for Calculating School Accreditation Ratings

Full Accreditation is based on the achievement of a 70% pass rate in all core content areas except English at the elementary level for which the pass rate is 75% and third grade social studies and science for which the pass rate is 50% for each.

One of four accreditation ratings will be applied to a school in 2010-11 based upon student performance in 2009-10:

1. Full Accreditation - achieves 70% pass rate in all content areas (75% in elementary English; 50% in third grade social studies and science).
2. Accredited with Warning (applies to a specific content area) – does not achieve the rating to earn a Fully Accredited status in at least one content area. A school may remain Accredited with Warning for no more than 3 consecutive years.
3. Accreditation Denied – failure to be Fully Accredited for the preceding three consecutive years.
4. Conditionally Accredited - new schools consisting of students from one or more existing schools in the division will be awarded this status for one year. A school may also be rated Conditionally Accredited in lieu of the rating of Accreditation Denied if the school is making progress in the content area where the performance target has not been met.

Beginning with the calculation ratings for the 2011-12 school year based on data from the 2010-11 school year, a Graduation and Completion Index will be used in the calculation of accreditation ratings. Schools with a graduating class will be required to meet this index, in addition to meeting the required Standards of Learning pass rates, in order to be fully accredited. There is a five-year phase-in period, where schools can be rated Provisionally Accredited. This rating is awarded if the school achieves the minimum thresholds for Standards of Learning tests scores but does not meet a minimum threshold for the graduation rate but meets prescribed benchmarks outlined in the regulations.

Beginning with tests administered in 2011-12, the pass rate for English will rise to 75% for all grades and the pass rates for the other three core areas will remain at 70%.

The following method will be used to calculate the pass rates for each content area: