This page contains data from the 2009-10 school year and will be updated in October 2011.


How to use Examview and SchoolSpace Reports to analyze data


Required Data Tasks- Principal

  • VGLA Benchmark Reviews
  • Be sure that CARS have estimated testing participations for Spring Writing and Non-Writing- due to R&P no later than January 11. (this is due to a materials order deadline, not a Henrico deadline)
  • Review PSAT and Stanford Reports and use these reports to inform recommendations for next year

New Data Reports in January


January Required Tasks for CARs:

  • Begin meeting with SPED and LEP teachers to determine testing accommodations needed for the March SOL & HAT Writing
  • Work with Administrator to conduct 2nd marking period reviews of VGLA and VAAP collections
  • Submit Spring Writing testing participation counts to Research & Planning by January 9
  • Conduct SOL Expedited Retake administrations for qualifying students
  • Remediate high school students for Workkeys testing in February

Planning Ahead

  • Second quarter CSIP updates are due on February 15
  • End of semester benchmark testing
  • Finalize math remediation based on ARDT data
  • Review Elementary and Middle School ability and achievement reports and use to inform remediation

Teachers Using Data

Teachers Using Data Website-Examview Pro
Go to this site to learn about using Examview data and Examview reports

Teachers Using Data Website- SchoolSpace
Go to this site to learn about using SchoolSpace data and SchoolSpace reports )

Best Practices for Examview Testing- MS      Best Practices for Examview Testing- HS

Best Practices for SchoolSpace Testing

Organizer- Planning remediation for your entire class