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This data guide outlines a framework for using student outcome, demographic, and school program/process data to assess a school's instructional program. It identifies annual reports and data available to schools and provides a year-long, month-by-month guide for collection and analysis of data to support instructional decision making. To use this site effectively:
  • Collect and review the suggested data monthly
  • Refer to report examples to help interpret data
  • Use the guiding questions to complete the monthly worksheet
  • Establish plans for collecting future data as suggested each month
This site contains 3 toolbars. The left-hand toolbar links to the Department of Research and Planning data links. The right-hand toolbar gives you to access a month-by-month guide for data use. The bottom toolbar takes you to Research and Planning/Staff Develoment sites requiring logins. Click on the movie link below to watch a presentation giving you a general overview of data use in the school.
NEW for 2010-2011- NWEA Training Materials
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