Using Examview Data to Remediate Students and Inform Instruction

Using Examview for testing, whether it be a benchmark test, an SOL review, a test, or a quiz provides valuable, easy-to-access data that will assist teachers in remediating their students as a class or individually. The power of the data you can obtain in Examview is by using it for formative assessment- short quizzes, tests, or reviews that are used frequently by teachers to immediately see what students learned in class that day or that week, and what needs to be re-taught. The data is also a valuable tool for summative assessment-  benchmark testing at the nine-weeks or semester that will  give teachers an overall picture of where students may score on SOL tests in the spring as well as what may need to be reviewed. 

This guide will help teachers answer these basic questions:

    -The Big Picture- How did my class do as a whole on the SOLs    


    -Whole Class Remedation- What do I need to reteach the entire    


    -Individual Student Remediation- Which individual students need

      extra remediation over and above class remediation?

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A 6-step process to data analysis that will help you determine:

  1. -The Big Picture

  2. -Printing Reports (Begin here)

  3. -Step 1       

  4. -Whole Class Remediation

  5. -Step 2

  6. -Step 3

  7. -Step 4

  8. -Individual Student Remediation

  9. -Step 5

  10. -Step 6

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The Big Picture

Whole Class Remediation

Individual Student Remediation