This page is in the process of being updated for 2010-2011.
Using the data analysis process in July and August, develop your Continuous School Improvement Plan- due October 1, 2010

Elementary and Secondary School Improvement Plan
(note: There are no longer separate forms. K-12 will all use the new form attached below:)

  1. Using the online CSIP Submission form- coming soon!
  2. Directions for using electronic version of the CSIP- coming soon!
  3. Video Instruction- using electronic version of the CSIP- coming soon!

Tips for submitting your CSIP:

  1. Use the directions and video instruction above to assist you in entering data into your CSIP form.
  2. Open the CSIP document and save it using the following naming convention: <schoolname>_CSIP_<schoolyear>.pdf  Ex: henrico_CSIP_0809.pdf  Please use the shortened version of your school name- ie- Donohoe, Wilder, Godwin, etc- it helps us keep track of who has submitted forms
  3. Keep this document file on your computer in a convenient location.  You will modify this document for each of the quarterly updates and resubmit.
  4. Select the “Highlight Field”s button in the upper right corner of the document.  This will help you identify the fields that must be completed.  All highlighted fields must be completed for the form to submit properly.
  5. Remember that all date fields must be completed in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
  6. The fields under Implementation Status labeled Quarter 1, Quarter 2… are provided for the Quarter Updates.  Please leave these fields empty for initial submission. 
  7. Select the “submit completed form” button once.  This button submits the entire document.
  8. The email that is generated by the  “submit completed form” button may auto-generate a message that says “To view full contents of this document, you need a later version of the PDF viewer…”  Disregard this message.  You don’t need an upgraded version. 
  9. Before sending the email, change the subject line to your school name.
  10. When you open your document to enter quarterly updates, you should see a message in the purple bar at the top that reads “…You can save data typed into this form.”  If you do not have this message or have another message, please contact Debbie Roethke in Staff Development for assistance.  652-3678.